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A beautiful venue for our Fine Art degree show at ‘Regency Town House’ Gallery, Brunswick Square, Hove.

The Degree Show at Northbrook College started on Wednesday 8th June 2022 in the evening and it was a great success, with all students completing their degree in the Arts it was a bitter sweet experience because many students were sad to leave the College.

Before completion the ‘Bullocks’ charcoal before barbed wire and framing, it stuck to the wood and panel and could not be removed without tearing. It had to be transported to the Framers and they made a fantastic job of cutting back the wood surrounding the picture and putting it into a frame with a perspex cover.

Charcoal drawing of “Bullocks” in Plaistow 147cm x 120cm

Using a compilation of photos and sketches to draw a picture of the young Bullocks together behind barbed wire fencing, which I have yet to decide whether I want to enclose them. They have natural male features and tendances removed at a very early age and then are enclosed behind barbed wire.

They do however have trees for shade and roam in free fields whereas many farms do not supply them with this natural luxury.